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Unit Trusts Yielding 10-12% Dividends!

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Banks offers very little interest for the honor of giving them your money. So don’t hold your cash there. Look elsewhere, some place where your money can earn it’s worth. One big theme on Wall Street this year are stocks that offer dividends. These stocks have been very popular. Stocks like IBM, General Mills, Microsoft, Ameriprise, to name just a few, all offer dividends of up to 4%. Factor in growth and you are looking at some nice annual returns.
But if you want even higher dividends, look at these unit trusts. Most of them are required to dole out all profits(hence the high dividends). If you were to invest $100,000 into these, you would earn up to $1,000/month in dividends, times that by 5 and you will be bringing in up to $5,000/ month. Not bad for making your money make you MORE money! Here are some stock symbols, check them out, investigate, ask your financial planner, etc.
HIX (10.55%), IGD (12.56%), ARI (11.34%), PHK (12.52%), NCZ (11.84%), ACP (11.36%), HHY (11.52%), CHY (10.59%), ETJ (11.32%), GPM (11.81%), GOF (11.54%), NHF (12.75%), PHT (11.26%), EHI (11.32%), GGN (12.19%), DMO (11.32%)
Full Disclaimer: I take no responsibility and am not recommending you buy these unit trusts, I am only announcing that they have great dividends! Watch them carefully to make sure they don’t go down in value!!! Thank me later:)

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