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LOVING Rent The Runway!

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What a FIND! I will never own a fancy dress again! I’ll certainly wear a fancy dress again but I will never buy one again! There is no reason anymore, not since there is Rent The Runway!
OMG, there is so much to say about RTR and all from a gal who is not that into clothes. But I am a changed lady after stumbling across RTR. I always thought that I was above fashion, that I wasn’t going to be a puppet and spend money and buy lots of clothes just to go along with fashions and trends that the media forces on us. But now that I can pay one low price per month and have an open closet of pretty, fun, expensive dresses – I have been wearing my many options often. I guess that money was a big factor of my anti- fashion stance. I just can’t or won’t pay to have a lot of items in my closet. Now I don’t have to. I think you can hear my enthusiasm! I can’t even stop using exclamation points!
For a recent wedding in Buffalo, NY, I went shopping for a dress, I was about to plunk down $500 at DVF for a very nice dress. I was a little bummed because I knew I wasn’t going to wear it much. Oddly enough, I had to go home first before making the payment and luckily, my friend told me about RTR. I went there on my way to DVF.
Well, at the store, I see the exact same dress I was on my way to buy. Yes, I could rent it for much much less. Was I dreaming??? So as it happens, I found another dress that I liked even more and ended up renting a different dress. The wedding was great and viola- success in renting a dress. The following Monday I returned the dress and found out that RTR has a monthly unlimited plan. It is $139/ month and I decided to try it for a month. Needless to say, I have been having fun. I haven’t had any special occasions to wear fancy dresses this month but I have been renting them anyway. I rented a dress to go to the Village Vanguard to hear jazz and I rented a LBD(little black dress) to go to an art opening at Tenri(Japanese cultural center) and a different LBD to see Captured (The Play Company /Off Broadway show). I also rented a dress for a birthday celebration at the wonderful Blue Hill recently BUT should I wear the DVF dress that I have waiting here for an occasion to play ping pong tonight at Spin or am I spinning out of control with all of these dresses?
I am so changed….the old me wouldn’t like the new me.

I’d like to work for them or become a brand ambassador. I hope RTR goes public because I will buy lots of shares in it!

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