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Erica is my dear friend from my Michigan years. Back then we were very close, kindred spirits with lots of energy and ambition, hopes and dreams to come. Our futures were about to begin and as it happened, we ended up at opposite ends of the country. Whereas I went east to follow my path, Erica settled in Los Angeles after law school. Along with her husband, they made a wonderful life out there.
Facebook wasn’t around yet and we lost touch. Last year, Erica was in NYC and she reached out to me. It was great reuniting. Months later, Erica emailed me about starting a community for women in their Fifties.
She is wildly passionate about our 50’s being our best years and she created a place to unite, help, and promote women 50 and over. She wants to disrupt the negative chatter and inspire women to embrace this time of their lives!
Fiftiness is just beginning and it will grow. The goal is to get content from women in their fifties who want to help others by sharing their innermost feelings(as well as fears and hopes) on universal life events. Fiftiness will have stories, podcasts, and videos us Fifty Plusers can relate to such as emptynesting, career changes, and challenging ourselves to do things we have always wanted to do.
Erica is inspiring us to take action by taking action herself-
I’m proud and excited to help her along the way as content provider and manager of development.

50 Candles to Light Your Inner Fire!
50 Candles to Light Your Inner Fire!

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