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Smash That Glass Ceiling!

Hillary has rented out the Jacob Javits Center for the Election tomorrow. Often throughout her campaign, she has metaphorically spoken about breaking the glass ceiling. The Jacob Javits Center, on the westside of New York City, has a huge glass ceiling- and she is expecting to break it tomorrow night! Politics aside, this is BIG! Our first women President! It will make a difference. Having a female in charge will change things. I’m happy for my daughter, who will always remember that the first time she was old enough to…

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Weekly Link Pack – Olympic Issue

Watching the Olympics on the treadmill, I’m inspired to push harder! These articles on Aging Athletes inspire me even more! 100 Year Old Runner! 97 Year Old Yoga Teacher! 87 Year Old Senior Olympian! 75 Year Old Hockey Player, 62 Year Old Ski Instructor! The Great Grandma Olympic Coach! Older athletes can be much younger, physically, than they are in real life Aging Well Thru Fitness Your Aging Brain on Exercise

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