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Comfort Cookies Chocolate Chip Cookies are the hands down ultimate comfort food. As kids we are introduced to these perfect cookies. They taste delicious. There is nothing in their composition that is bitter, hard or difficult to injest. They are just pure joy and happiness. Their sugar, chocolate, flour and butter are delights to our youthful palates and through the years, our love remains true. We never forget our fondness/weakness for these delicacies. I confess. I am chocolate chip cookie crazy. They are my favorite dessert of all time. I…

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Smash That Glass Ceiling!

Hillary has rented out the Jacob Javits Center for the Election tomorrow. Often throughout her campaign, she has metaphorically spoken about breaking the glass ceiling. The Jacob Javits Center, on the westside of New York City, has a huge glass ceiling- and she is expecting to break it tomorrow night! Politics aside, this is BIG! Our first women President! It will make a difference. Having a female in charge will change things. I’m happy for my daughter, who will always remember that the first time she was old enough to…

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Erica is my dear friend from my Michigan years. Back then we were very close, kindred spirits with lots of energy and ambition, hopes and dreams to come. Our futures were about to begin and as it happened, we ended up at opposite ends of the country. Whereas I went east to follow my path, Erica settled in Los Angeles after law school. Along with her husband, they made a wonderful life out there. Facebook wasn’t around yet and we lost touch. Last year, Erica was in NYC and she…

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LOVING Rent The Runway!

What a FIND! I will never own a fancy dress again! I’ll certainly wear a fancy dress again but I will never buy one again! There is no reason anymore, not since there is Rent The Runway! OMG, there is so much to say about RTR and all from a gal who is not that into clothes. But I am a changed lady after stumbling across RTR. I always thought that I was above fashion, that I wasn’t going to be a puppet and spend money and buy lots of…

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Weekly Link Pack

Some highlights from the past week… enjoy your weekend! This is a TED talk from Angela Lee Duckworth on GRIT, which she says is better than high IQ. Here’s a smile. How would you react if Shaquille O’Neal appeared as your LYFT driver!!! This Happened Undercover Lyft When their kids left, they moved to NYC!

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Screening: The Hollars

I’m at a screening at the Landmark Theater on East Houston Street. I’m alone because my daughter canceled on me at the last minute and when I thought of some friends to invite they were either 1) out of town 2) or their kids are going away to college tomorrow and they wanted to spend time with them. This screening is thru The New York Times Film Club and anyone can join. I happen to love seeing movies first and before they are released. The Hollars is a new movie…

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Unit Trusts Yielding 10-12% Dividends!

Banks offers very little interest for the honor of giving them your money. So don’t hold your cash there. Look elsewhere, some place where your money can earn it’s worth. One big theme on Wall Street this year are stocks that offer dividends. These stocks have been very popular. Stocks like IBM, General Mills, Microsoft, Ameriprise, to name just a few, all offer dividends of up to 4%. Factor in growth and you are looking at some nice annual returns. But if you want even higher dividends, look at these…

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A Hour A Day is the New An Apple A Day

Now more than ever, staying fit and active is essential. Now it’s for health and not just to look good(which was never a motivator for me) and that’s why I am ‘all in’ with walking a hour a day. My personal motivation is greater than other women in their fifties, that being that my mom died of coronary heart disease at the young age of 61. As I approach that number, I am acutely aware and sensitive that I want to live much much longer than that. There are many…

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Weekly Link Pack – Olympic Issue

Watching the Olympics on the treadmill, I’m inspired to push harder! These articles on Aging Athletes inspire me even more! 100 Year Old Runner! 97 Year Old Yoga Teacher! 87 Year Old Senior Olympian! 75 Year Old Hockey Player, 62 Year Old Ski Instructor! The Great Grandma Olympic Coach! Older athletes can be much younger, physically, than they are in real life Aging Well Thru Fitness Your Aging Brain on Exercise

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Best New App! Robinhood – Free Stock Trading. Love, Love, Love

Even though Robinhood was created by and for Millenials, I urge Boomers, especially women who don’t have much experience investing on their own, to try Robinhood. Even if you just put a little bit of money into your account at Robinhood, give it a try. Trading is FREE so you can buy just one share of a company if you want!! Go. Learn.

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