I’ll See You In My Dreams- Screening

5/12/15: Q&A withDirector and Actors After Screening

5/12/15: Q&A with Director and Actors After Screening

We saw a screening of I’ll See You In My Dreams with Blythe Danner and SAM ELLIOT(!) last night at the Landmark Theater on Houston Street.  This is a movie focused on Older Women, which is a new “IN” category for films.  Watch for many more movies to surface in the near future starring older actresses and with plots and themes dealing with things like being an empty nester, aging, death, retirement, and so forth.  It’s the new in thing! I hope the films will be different and interesting and not cliche, message to Hollywood, thanks for recognizing us BUT please don’t group us all together.  We are old and wise at this point and sick of the formulated products you put out there.This film in particular had a difficult time getting funding and ending up with a Kickstarter Campaign. Writer, director, editor Brett Haley had to scrounge for money to get his project off the ground, and with effort he made it to Sundance and now into wide distribution.  Kudos to him!